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Sarah in Guelph
Sarah in Guelph
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Do Not Hire This Company

Below is the majority of the email I sent them when terminating there service September 2019. It is a bit of a read but if you're interested in knowing just how badly a company can perform, read to the end.

When I approached Cutting Edge Property Services back in the Spring time, I had let you know that I was looking for a lawn service in order to improve the quality of my lawn and to help save me time.

Since then, I have already once earlier this summer, had to spend a number of hours to clean up the rocks and large pieces of wood that sat atop of the 1 inch of compacted compost, which your company put down on my lawn back at the end of June. There was initially so much mulch that a number of people had asked me why I put mulch down on my lawn. When I called your company a couple of days later, regarding my concerns that the soil/compost contained far too much mulch in it and asked to have someone come out and look at the soil which was laid down, I was assured that the soil/compost was fine and the grass seed put down would germinate; furthermore I was told that [the person who initially came out to evaluate my lawn, I'll call him Owner 1] was too busy and no one needed to come out to look at the soil. I have had to listen to a number of people who asked me why I put mulch on my lawn.

After watering the newly seeded areas for approximately four weeks, I reached out to you on July 18th, to let you know that the grass had come in in only one area of the backyard, the area where I worked diligently to remove so much of the larger pieces of mulch that sat on top of it; most other areas, it did not come in all. Only a few blades germinated and grew in the front yard where I did not spend any time cleaning out any of the larger pieces of mulch and stones that sat on top of the soil/compost. I had asked for a visit from [Owner 1] so that we could look at it together; he could let me know if I should stop watering the lawn, and discuss a plan going forward. After a couple of emails back and forth between [the office administrator] and myself, she wrote, “Either way, we will have a look and determine the best corrective action. Based on our flow of work, we won’t be by until next week to have a look.”

Two more weeks went by and I still had not received a visit from [owner 1] or anyone else; meanwhile my husband is still watering the lawn as we were awaiting instructions regarding whether we should stop doing so. After trying to reach your office by telephone for several days in a row and no one picking up the telephone, on August 2nd I sent you an email asking why no one had come by to look at the lawn yet. I received a telephone call from [the office administrator] and after our discussion, she sent me an email letting me know that I would receive a visit from either [Owner 1] or [Owner 2] on August 22nd.

On August 22nd, [Owner 1]came by and we discussed the lawn. He had mentioned that it is difficult to get people to work for you who are interested in the work; that some of your workers are engineering students. When I asked [Owner 1] what exactly the Weed-b-Gone product that you put on my lawn is supposed to do since after several treatments already, there were still so many weeds, including clover, creeping Charlie, dandelions, broadleaf plantain, etc. His response was that he, “was not really sure”. This was not the response I was expecting to hear as I expect the lawn company I hired to know exactly what they are putting down on my lawn and why. Nevertheless, just to try to complete this service before it got any later in the year for the grass to germinate, we agreed that your company would, once again come by and put down new seed and compost and we would give it another go.

Last Wednesday, August 28th, I went out of town after cutting the lawn and making sure it was ready for your company to come by and redo the grass seeding of the front and back lawns. Before your company came by last Friday, August 30th, I had already cleaned up all of the stones and all of the large pieces of mulch which your company put down on my lawns back in June. I cannot properly express my dismay to come home last Wednesday September 4th, to find that more soil was put down on both my front and back lawns, but this time the soil was in even worse condition than the soil that was laid down back in June. The soil that was put down looks like it is reclaimed soil from a construction site mixed in with the earlier product put down in June. Not only does it contain even larger pieces of wood among mulch, it also contains far more stones of unacceptable number and size. I would not want that type of soil in my vegetable or flower gardens let along sitting on my lawn. Now, I find myself wondering how many more hours of my time is it going to take to clean up my lawn from the material you put down on my “lawns”. Most unacceptable of all is the broken glass, a rusty nail and other garbage laying upon my backyard. What if one of my grandchildren or other family members had stepped on either the piece of glass or the rusty nail?! This was a potentially serious accident waiting to happen if I had not examined the work of your staff and removed the hazardous materials.

Cutting Edge Property Services not only did not save me time working on my lawn over this past growing season, but, rather, caused me to put far more hours into working on my lawn than I ever have had to before, just to clean up the product put down upon what was, at the very least, a half-decent lawn before your company began its lawn services. Before you began your services, the front lawn only had two smaller areas where the grass was thinner, and the back yard was only thinner underneath the Magnolia tree. This past summer, instead of creating for me a fuller and more beautiful lawn, I have had to endure a partial lawn because it is half covered in what looks like mulch and far less grass growing than when this process began. Furthermore, I have incurred the additional cost of watering my lawns for 5 ½ weeks for a failed product.

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