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C. Fredrick in Saskatoon
C. Fredrick in Saskatoon
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Chimney Cleaning

Okay, I admit - I chose Chim-Chimney Ltd. from the list of Edmonton chimney sweeps online because of their cute name.

Spending money to get your chimney cleaned is right up there with investing in a new sump pump. You gotta do it, although you'd rather spend your hard-earned money on something infinitely more exciting - or wearable - than soot elimination.

When it comes to being a homeowner, however, getting fire insurance is up there on the new cover-your-ass list of things to do. After all, what is worse than your assets going up in flames? Your uninsured debt smoldering in a heap that leaves you broke, out in the cold and renting for the rest of your live-long life!!

It cost $180 for a chimney clean and inspection. The serviceman, Charlie, was a sweet, knowledgeable guy who arrived early, cleaned, inspected and took extra time to explain the standards he measured against for the inspection.

It turns out we have stove that was not installed to spec and deviates from requirements in many respects. Charlie gave us some good advice, referred us to the Wood & Energy Store and, although he could not approve our stove, he armed us with the information and report we needed to protect ourselves and our home. And I think that's just super-duper chim-chiminy chim chim cher-ee!

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