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KP in Winnipeg
KP in Winnipeg
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KLZ did our roof seven years ago and to the untrained eye, all looked well. This year after some torrential rain and driving winds, we found out just how poorly KLZs job held up. We got some water damage in my daughters room. We called KLZ and they sent some one out to inspect the roof. He reported to me he could not find many problems, maybe a couple of minor caulking issues, but he had taken a whole bunch of pictures to show the owner, Kirk. I asked him if he could forward those to me so I could show my husband but he said no, he would forward them to Kirk and have him get back to us. We waited over a month and Kirk did not contact us. Following another torrential rain and driving wind, I noticed our bedroom had some water damage. I called in a water damage specialist and he brought in a roofer that works with him on occasion to inspect the roof. The guy came back down with pictures of shoddy workmanship of the roof. The roofer hadn’t even installed drip edges which he said may have been another reason our roof leaked. He did say the drip edges were an option that one could choose when getting the roof done but KLZ had never offered it as an option or we would have taken it considering the roof is protecting our home and it’s contents. The water damage expert said that the roofing company has insurance for just such a thing so I should talk to him to see if his insurance would cover our water damage renovations.

I then called KLZ and talked to Kirk, and when I say talk, I am being polite, as he spent all his time yelling at me when I was being civil and trying to get some help after a stressful experience. He said he would not cover the water damage with his insurance, that it was our obligation to go on our roof every five years to inspect and recaulk anything needing recaulking. (We have owned two other homes and have never had to go up every five years to recaulk anything and have never had any water damage or roof issues in the past) One, he never told us that we had to go up every five years to recaulk when the job was done 7 years ago. Two, We are not roofers so how are we supposed to know what caulking is missing or where to look and three, caulking wasn’t going to help the job they did, with gaps in shingles and the poor work they did according to the roofer our water damage specialist brought in. Kirk then asked what our warranty was, which I did not know at the time, he then demanded my address, saying he is not at his office and would have to look up our warranty, he asked for my phone number and proceeded to hang up on me. I never heard from him since. So, apparently he is good at taking money for a job but when it comes to warranty, he is not so keen on customer service. I found this out after I started researching recent reviews on his company. Many of those reviews, including the complaint on here expressed similar experiences of rude and aggressive behaviour on the phone, lack of interest in customer service and honouring warranties, shoddy workmanship, poor communication, etc. You have only to look KLZ up to see these review statements are not made up. Buyer beware, folks.

Another thing, I did have an additional roofer out to inspect our roof and his comments were, this roof was either done in a hurry or done by inexperienced roofers. He found rotting wood, poor trimming, gaps in shingles,no drip edges installed,etc.

Kirk will also come on here blaming the customer like he did with the previous complaintant on here. He will claim he did send someone out to check the roof no charge,which he did, but the guy he sent did nothing and couldn’t find anything obvious to cause the leaks which is convenient since if he did they would have to fix them and pay for our Renos. It is also convenient that this roofer KLZ sent out would not forward me a copy of the pictures he took on the roof. Further, if two other roofing companies found poor workmanship and KLZs man did not notice or admit to anything like that then that is telling as to the kind of company it is and to the poor expertise of its roofers. Kirk was supposed to contact me once when his roofer came to inspect and second after our phone conversation and neither time did he get back to me. So, if he says as a defence to my complaint that he made attempts to resolve the situation, he did not. He was the only roofer to have touched our roof since we bought the home so no defence there either, Kirk.

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