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karimdelacreme in Mississauga
karimdelacreme in Mississauga
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New Kitchen

I Contacted 2 Kitchen companies in March of 2013, Daniel from DVKitchens and another custom kitchen company. Daniel from DV Kitchens came to measure and see me on 25th March 2013. We had the other company come in a day or so apart. We have a really small Galley Kitchen and its so non-functional and cumbersome. We had installed an Ikea kitchen in the basement and wanted something better on our main floor. We had plans to gut our complete main floor down to studs and plywood on the floor, new tiling, new ceilings without popcorn and potlights, sprayfoam and hardwood in living areas. We saved up for nine years to do this. The other company after 4 days called us to review a plan. We were really looking fo ideas and a minor miracle as we had the constraints of our space. This plan totally floored us, it meant removing a wall between our kitchen and dining room and gaining just an extra foot (4 inches was the wall) and this plan just opened our kitchen completely without going back on inself making it a galley kitchen. An island across the opening and hiding a wall that jutted out part of structure with a 45 degree cabinet. This was amazing and we still had our dining room and open concept. We were shocked. We wanted to give Daniel a chance as we Love Mike Holmes and he promotes DV Kitchens and Daniel. So we called Daniel numerous times asking for a plan and price. We went to visit him at his showroom and he was not there, we went again to his showroom and got him as scheduled. He gave us a price and no plan. Don’t worry you will have a beautiful kitchen he says look at this kitchen he shows us the video of him on Mike Homes show, look beautiful kitchen. Price but no plan? He then gets his computer and shows a mickey mouse screenshot of our kitchen as is not to proportion as it is today but with white cabinets. We told him we were looking for something different. We need help , we can go to Ikea or home depot and give dimensions and get this plan better with correct dimensions within 24 hours. We want something custom. Don’t worry you going to love my kitchen. We told him we seen another design and loved it we want to open a wall. Because of Mile Holmes we gave him a chance he came back and remeasured as we showed him this vision. He said I don’t know what I was thinking why I didn’t see this I must have been sleeping he says. We explained the key points one foot in island and 45 degree on the wall to hide the 18 inch jut out due to structure and we will remove bulk heads and reroute and drains and heating ducts if we have to! He was onboard yes you will get what you want. He left and we asked him for a plan show me your design now Daniel we Love Mike Holmes and we would like to support you! We agreed to meet a week later. We went to his office and he was again on a high about being on TV and fell into it. Where is the plan Daniel , he was then answering a call and started entering random measurements on his PC and showed us a section with the 45 degree corner and the island. Wow Daniel has our vision we said my wife said Daniels got it. We were so excited, he came back to our home that week and re-measured, we discussed to be clear blend wall in only one foot out we don’t want to lose the dining room and discussed a few things . It was 17th April 2013 we gave him a $3000 deposit to hold a spot at the end of june while we tore down ceiling a wall , bulk heads and tiling. Please get the plan we said. Don’t worry your going to Love your kitchen Daniel says I have 26 years’ experience and I make the cabinets I can do it, We went through again the basic vision. I got it said Daniel. We agreed once the wall is down we call him give him 50% and 4 weeks later he installs. On the 22nd March we called Daniel. We romved our kitchen all our ceilings, the wall, the bulk heads and the tiling. We were in process of moving a drian and heating duct. Daniel came on 24th March 2013 while I was getting plumbing moved one foot. While there Daniel wanted to measure once again. We discussed the fundamentals again 45 degree corner and one foot out into dining room with island so you can make the transition corner work. He watched while plumbing was moved to accommodate that one foot which cost me $2500 to move copper pipes plumbing drain. He tried measuring well into the dining room. I stopped him saying Daniel you can go that far out we already discussed this it won’t work to hide the structure wall. Yes you got a point he say, I told him only moving the pipes one foot and I have vents on this wall past one foot! Yes he says. We discussed the 45 degree cabinet and the moving only one foot a drain pipe from upstairs. He said I got it your right. I was a little bewildered after everything. He then told me to remove some studs that were laminated together supporting a structural beam. I told him I cant do that its structure, he said it will be ok. I looked at him and said are you sure, he laughed and saw my serious face and said no im not sure. Then I asked about the pipes above the stove needs a bulk head. He suggested not drywalling until after the kitchen is up, you won’t even really notice the pipes I will use crown moulding on top of the cabinets. I let this go as it is not something I would consider. I explained I have an electrian coming on Monday next week working until Tuesday, I have an inspection a week later then spray foaming and drywall followed by tiling. I asked him for the Plan, I was shocked no plan yet up to now. My Electrian needs one I said, he told me don’t worry your going to Love my Kitchen and said I will work this weekend and get you the Plan by Monday latest Tuesday morning. Ok I said and as per deal and his request I gave him $10,000 in cash for the kitchen now a total of $13,000 which was 50% because of the saving I am now getting with paying $10,000 in cash! Monday night came I sent him a text I need a plan it’s the electrians last day here. He told me I will have one tomorrow enjoy your renovation you will love my Kitchen. Tuesday comes at 1:45pm he calls whats the dimensions of your fridge I gave it to him just after 2pm after locating receipt for fridge. My electrian packed up saying I cant do any more I need plans, every customer I have had for such a renovation has had a plan, even if it’s a home depot kitchen or ikea even they give you a plan. At 2:45pm Daniel sent me an email. Here is the plan. It was 3 screenshoots in 3D no dimensions. My wall from the patio door and bulkhead had grown from 18 inches to account for a 36 depth fridge and two cabinets on top. Everything was out of proportion and the one foot we discussed was out in the middle of my dining room. The complete concept of the 45 degree turn to hide a load bearing wall was not there and my wall was exposed. In fact in real life this didn’t even look like my kitchen the dimensions were totally incorrect. I called Daniel and asked him what is this mickey mouse drawing it has nothing we had discussed its totally 100% different and in cant even work because of the pipes my vents in the wall and all the work I had done based on our discussion and $2500 on moving pipes makes no sense? Also my electrian who I am paying $4000 to has no idea what to do here! He told me it was just an idea. An idea we are past ideas we choose you based on the discussions and screenshot that you had our vision over one month ago. Then he threatened me and told me I am calling him mickey mouse and he does not feel comfortable working with me and doing my kitchen. I was furious at that point and could not talk to him. He called me the next day and said I talked with my worker and we will be doing your kitchen. I told him to come and see us we will talk and bring my money and we will decide. He got upset again and went in circles. When he came the next day to return our money he wanted another chance saying it costs $750 for a plan, and I wanted you to have a new design. My wife explained no one asked you for a new design we wanted the one we discussed.

All in all Daniel is probably ok if you just need to remove existing kitchen and have same layout. When it comes to anything else don’t waste your time, he is so big headed and the TV has been his head swell, this will not be the first bad review I am certain. He had no intention of doing what we discussed he just lead us on. It was my fault for trusting him and getting carried away with his so called stardom. On top of that we never signed any contract got a contract or plan and gave him $13,000 over a period of 6 weeks. That is my fault red flag who would give money no contract no plan. He has really become very unethical and is getting pumped up. He has wrecked all our plans, delayed our renovation caused us grief. If anyone needs clarification please email I will gladly show pictures of my kitchen the plan we discussed and show what nonsense he sent us as a so called plan for all to see how professional Daniel really is!

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