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Low balls quote on purpose

Terrible owner. She purposely will give you a lower quote in order to get the job! My final billing was much higher than my initial quote and she made no sense why other than giving me a $184 so that she could stay within my budget.

6 weeks later (after my move) she sends me another invoice where she decides that she wants to revoke the credit (the $184) and also wants me to pay for 2 boxes (worth $30). Now all of a sudden on my credit report I see $297 amount owing with collections for those boxes. Be very careful with her when getting your quote vs. the final bill. I paid her in full and have the invoice and cheque where it shows that. I had to file a dispute with the credit bureau to start an investigation.

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Company Response

This client (Sunil Sinha) was given a quote on packing up his whole house, when the initial quote was done he neglected to tell the consultant that his garage needed to be packed too. When we arrived I informed the client that since he did not tell us about his garage it would take longer then 7 hours. He agreed to have 1 more worker attend, so of course the quote would be higher. Once we FINISHED the 7 hours and client was ready to pay he complained about the cost. Since our policy is if client is not happy we do what we can to rectify the problem and make client happy so I took $ 184.00 off his bill after I already gave him 10 % off. Client had owed $ 23.00 of balance owing. Two workers went back the next day to complete the job. One of the workers had 3 large used wardrobe boxes she was taking to client to complete his packing. Client paid one of my staff $ 25.00 for the balance owing. Client was suppose to pay worker for the used boxes but did not. I paid the worker for the boxes and invoiced the client. The client refused my phone calls and emails regarding the $ 30.00. The job was completed in May and I had taken the appropriate steps to notify client and give him several emails telling him if it was not paid, reminders, and then several notices to take legal action. I had the right to take his 10 % discount and the $ 184.00 credit off his invoice for lack of payment. I did not put the account into collections until August 2014. The client had months to rectify the problem which he refused to do. After two years client had asked for this to be taken off his credit rating, saying he did not owe, has taken legal action against the Collection Agency, which is his right, but all he owed was $ 30.00 which he does owe and more. One of the other reasons I took away his 10% off, he tried to get my workers to work under the table for him so he could get it cheaper. He had booked us to unpack at his new residence, but after that unethical move I had refused to accept the booking. The client owed $ 30.00 he gambled that I would not take legal action, and now that it has been in collection agency he is disputing the amount. Well maybe Mr Sunil Sinha, if you would have paid the $ 30.00 when it was due, you would not have to write this damaging review just to get back at us for doing what was owed to us. You did not pay now you need to pay the consequences for your actions. We have been in business for 8 years and this is the first complaint we have EVER received. And did you notice he does not have the balls to use his name, when writing a review..