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James in Toronto
James in Toronto
4 reviews Toronto, ON

Poor After-sales Service

During the initial installation, I was disappointed to discover that an emergency pull cable was not installed on our garages door. It was not even offered on the quote. This option is absolutely required for garages that do not have a secondary entrance. Without the emergency pull cable, if the garage opener happens to fail, there would be no way of getting into the garages without significant damage.

After I called to voice my disappointment, they sent out a service technician to install the necessary hardware. I was only charged for the hardware and not the service.

5 months later when we needed to use the emergency cable, the bolts were found extremely loose and almost falling off (preventing the lock from working properly). I called and was told that "anything could happen in 5 months". Please note that the emergency pull cable is only used in the event of an emergency, so we had only tried to use it once in 5 months.

Anyhow, my opinion was that the loose bolts were a result of poor/improper installation, since we barely used the garage in the last 5 months. I was was told by the company that I should not make wrongful accusations and that I should have checked the work.

My opinion is that I shouldn't have to check the work and a system that was used for the first time should have worked. Bolts don't just come loose unless there is a problem. Anyhow, I will fix the lock and cable myself.

Now I am getting harassed by Easy Flip to remove my review even though I believe my assessment to be true and accurate. Their emails are now threatening me with defamation under tort law. This is utterly ridiculus.

I have been successfully using Homestars for many years and this is my first negative experience. My last 3 reviews on Homestars were 10/10, so I am not a difficult customer.

Always remember that it is service that defines a company.

I have successfully used Homestars for many years and this is my first first negative experience. My last 3 reviews on Homestars were 10/10.

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