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Update—Second floor ceiling water stain (moisture condensation during winter)

Update—the same situation has not been happened in 2020 Spring even though the 2019/2020 winter was pretty cold. We have managed our house humidifier in the recommended range. I think it might be the reason.

I have a brand new Albi home built in year 2014. In the early spring of year 2016 post the colder winter of year 2015, we got multi stains in second floor ceiling in hall way, bonus room and master bedroom area, the stain area size varying from volleyball size to 2 meters long strip. Albi home told us it was caused by moisture (in air) condensation and had helped us open several more vents in the roof. But in this early spring post another cold winter, we got the second round of water condensate attack. It was worse than first one. I have to declare that we did maintain the humidifier setting lower than our neighbor who has the same size home and same number of person under the roof with us. Albi home has sprayed bleach to remove the stain. And they promised to open more vents. So far they didn’t show up to do the work. As winter approaching, we contacted Jack (customers care) for multi times, we were either told “will do later” or no response. I am worrying multi rounds of water condensate dripping after winter by winter which might give more impact/damage in addition to the ugly water stain. I have no choice to write a review here try to get answer from Albi home... I have to say that Albi home normally has good customer service. But I am dispoint on how they handled my complaint on this water issue . If you have similar experience with winter condensation, please advise the solution. Appreciate your feedback.

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