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Peace of mind

Joe is a very professional and sincere person. I heard some movement in the rooftop continuously for 4-5 days and it was worried that I might have raccoons in my attic. Someone in my neighbourhood recommended Snap pest control. Joe was quick to respond. After inspection he informed me that there were a few squirrels in my attic. They had nibbled the vent. He put a new he way cage for the squirrels to escape and a wire mesh around the other vents. He was supposed to come back in a few days to replace the vent for the broken vent. Unfortunately he fell sick and was hospitalized. One night it rained heavily and I was worried. On inquiring, he informed me that he was to be discharged the next day and was thinking about the problem all night and that he was equally worried. He was discharged the next morning. He came to my house that very afternoon and fixed the problem even though he was weak.

It is not just professionalism but his kind heart and sincerity towards his customers that sets him apart. I would definitely recommend Joe from Snap pest control.

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Company Response

Thank you for your review. The issue was squirrels had chewed up the top of a roof vent and it needed to be replaced. The winter caused some issues with snow and ice and by the time it was safe to work I ended up in the hospital. Here I am with all kinds of tubes and things sticking outta me and all I'm thinking about is rain getting through a small opening on a vent. When I got out first thing I do is work on the vent. The opening was closer to the bottom where the wood sheathing was solid. There was no way for water to even get in which was good. Everything worked out well in the end. Joe