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John from Ottawa
John from Ottawa
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home inspection

I called the guy to do home inspection. In call, I asked whether he also does infra red thermal roof&wall check up and he said yes. I also asked for home inspection fee. The day he arrived, he told me that he is gonna do home and well inspection together. I got shocked as I had negotiated with him in call that I "ONLY" want home inspection for now (as we were not sure that we will buy the house or use the fireplace). His response was that "if you don't want wett inspection, I leave now. I don't do home inspection alone". I tried to argue with him that since we were not sure of closing the agreement with the seller as well as not sure of using the fire place, we didn't want to have the extra cost of wett inspection. We even promised him that we will ask him to do wett inspection IF our agreement on house gets finalized. But, this guy was soo stubborn. So, we ended up accepting his rules as we didn't want to wait another day to find the next inspector. So, we were charged around 200$ more just for wett inspection. Interestingly, he did NOT do any infra red check up on the wall or the roof. Very rude and stubborn guy!!

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Company Response

Do not know who this person would be ??? There are inspectors who are not qualified to undertake WETT inspections and home inspections. If this is the person I think it is the WETT requirement was never discussed until the morning of the inspection -on site.
The major remedial for this house is a Non-Compliance order on the fireplace
The cost to bring the fireplace into WETT Compliance would be 5 thousand dollars..
Qualified Home and Wett inspectors cannot ignore the other element. ie ignore the WETT requirement of an inspection.
Home buyers - apparently this person is not able to accept the issue of an inspectors responsibility. - if the buyer wanted only a home inspection with a wood burning appliance on the property it is the inspectors responsibility to inform the client of his position and the right to refuse an inspection contract.
The liability is always with the inspector not the home buyer ....
Promise to undertake future requirements if they are successful in their bid is irresponsible. In this case the condition required RED Tagging of the fireplace - this is a serious condition.
The process is required to protect all persons including the potential buyers. from legal reprisals .
If being adamant about my position is stubborn
I am doing my job the way it is required to be done.. and Infrared assessment was undertaken.
Inspection costs are chargeable - all of my clients do sign a contract and are aware of all costs and the opportunity to hire another inspector if they so chose.
Every day i am asked to salvage a house sale condition because of the home buyer not addressing their responsibility of due-diligence.
I do not make the rules - I just apply them...