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Air Quality Treatment

I hired Inch by Inch to do a air quality test within my home. As my home was fully renovated prior to moving in, my wife and I were feeling sick soon after we moved in. Tony and Joe came in with their knowledge about air treatment and helped us. A testing was done and I found out we have an extremely high VOC count due to the renovations. A remediation was done right after the air quality testing. Hydroxol Generators were used to clean the air in the house for about 2 weeks. I would recommend Inch by Inch to anybody who needs air quality testing done as Tony is very professional and his client service skills are outstanding. They know exactly what they are doing. Even after our air treatment was done and the equipment was returned, Tony checked in on us to ensure we were doing okay. Inch by Inch goes above and beyond to really care for their customers. Great job guys!

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