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East York Home Owner
East York Home Owner
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Stair Install

We would never recommend this company!! Be VERY careful. The owner was the only installer, delayed our project for months stating that he was too busy, and when he finally came in to instal he damaged our new flooring by not being careful. Furthermore, he demanded more money and attempted to hold the project hostage. He never did come back to complete the work

Be very careful with this company!!!!

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Company Response

Reader,here is the exchange between Kristian and the
"The Steelworks"emails at the end of this project.
Kristian has tried to miss lead this forum and the truth.
Please read.

Difficulties that I am having building you a staircase and glass railing.
James McLeod

Jun 6

to Kristian
Att: Mr. Kristian

I am writing this email to out line the difficulties I am having building a staircase and glass railing for you.
When I quoted you this project I explained the problems in working in a finished home. Here is list of them for your review.

(1) I would have to do metalwork on site in your home. I did all welding in my shop and mechanically fastened it on site.

(2) I would need a cleared area to install the structural steel and wood treads without constant interruptions.

(3) I would try to do my best to clean up and install a staircase so as not to impede access to your second floor.

(4) I would need to have access to do this work that is very difficult because you have chosen to do it after the renovation
of your house. This type of work is usually done at the beginning of a renovation, not as the last thing to do.

(5) I have explain the building code and what is expected from the inspector.

(6) For your request to stain the wood yourself , I have supplied the wood for the treads and hand capping to match the propitiatory flooring finish.Also the need for the
finisher to supply you with stain for touch ups, which has not been done.

To build you this project at the best of times is very problematic, yet alone having at every step to work around your schedule, fix your favorite belt buckles
work on weekends , work in a house with two pets with having to enter in and out with hands full , to do ruff work outside. There has been a filing cabinet
right under the stairs were I am installing the whole time. Being under constant examination of everything I do, the moment I do it.
I have to constantly request communication with scheduling of the times I can come, and if work that you are taking care (staining of wood) is
complete. You complain at every turn and examine everything with a microscope. The first time I came to install the wood treads
that I was told were ready, you decided to return them to your wood finisher when I got to your house , because they didn't
match up to what you wanted. This caused a delay for me.

I have also supported you when dealing with your inspector. I did two sets of auto-cad drawings for you to present to him for his review.
That is clearly not in my scope of work. The final thing was last night after installing the wood treads and hand capping for six hours and finally after six
weeks of waiting for you to get this done, I get a phone call from Natalie demanding that I come back that night and start removing the treads
because she doesn't like the order . Also that the treads that you have had in your house for six weeks are not what she expected.

I not sure of the level of service you expect, but you have not payed for this in my quote. To accommodate you I have incurred extra cost.
I would need to have compensation for them agreed to, and the remainder owning to be payed in full before I can finish your project.
The reason for this is, the agreement we came to has changed do to your needs, level of service, and unpredictable understanding of our agreement. I would
be more than happy to do so, over the phone. I am away this morning but available this afternoon doing business hours.

I hope that you understand my concerns and reflect on the service I have given you.

James McLeod / The Steelworks


Jun 6


It is alarming to see an email for you attempting to extort us for more money, while suggesting that you intend to delay the completion of our project. Furthermore, we are also perplexed at your attempt to renegotiating the terms of payment to your advantage -- mid project -- while also attempting to create a narrative that is not based on fact. Natalie and I do not view this as professional behaviour, nor do we perceive this to be conducive to a mutually respectable business relationship. We ask that you reconsider your position and honour the terms of our agreement, without delay.

Please Note:

1) We have documented a large scratch in our finished flooring, which was caused by you yesterday. The scratch is located immediately under the stair case, and in the immediate area to where you were working. We have asked our flooring supplier to send our a repair tech to assess and quote the repairs. We will provide you with the quote once we have further details.

2) The staircase treads have been damaged by you during your install and will require replacement. We have also requested that our flooring supplier provide us with a detailed assessment and quote for the replacement and re-staining of these treads. We will also provide you with further details once we have the replacement/refinish quote in hand.

As we have set aside a work day (Thursday June 7th 2012) to accommodate your request to complete the project (dated 12-05-24 via email), we will be here and awaiting your crews arrival. We are confident that you will reconsider your position/statements and will opt to complete the project without further delays. Going forward, kindly forward all correspondence pertaining to this matter via email. Kindly advise.



James McLeod

Jun 7

to Kristian
Att: Mr Kristian
I would suggest that you send me a copy of the terms of our agreement so that we both can compare them. Mind doesn't have all the items listed in my last email. Your inflammatory language that is in your return email, is unbelievable. You asked for all this extra service and I am sorry that you feel you don't want to pay for it. The reason is very clear
why I wanted to discuss these extra costs that I have incurred before I proceed . Your expectations of service and your constant blaming of outside contractors (wood finishing company)
for not meeting your standards, is your way of not having to pay them. Natalia personally told me how she made the wood finisher's redo the wood I supplied, or she wouldn't pay them and
would not send them any more work from the company she works for. This type of behavior pattern clearly shows me how you operate. Blame others and pay less.

I will not even address these claims of damage you have listed for this again is the pattern of blame showing it's self. I have done no damage to your house. Your hot headed approach to every situation and lack of respect for the service I have supplied is why I requested to be payed after discussing the extra costs with you that have added up. I would fine it very difficult to come back into your house with the way you act and with what you have said in the return email. You have seven days to consider your position. If you pay your bill , I would be glad to deliver you the glass for another glass installer to put in.

Jun 7

to me, Natalie

Your narratives of blame are baseless and unfounded. In fact, the wood finisher that we chose to stain our stairs would be more than happy to provide a reference on our behalf. As it stands, there has been no attempt to discuss a discount with you; however there is (on record - see below) an attempt by you to request additional monies while threatening to delay our project.

We find it of no surprise to see this shift in position by you, immediately after the damage to our wood flooring has been done. Furthermore, we have assumed that you would opt out of the project and not return (which you clearly have stated in your email below). We are in the process of having 3 different professional quotes for the repairs/replacement of the flooring and wood stair treads. Once we have acquired all three quotes, we will scan and forward copies for your records. We hope that you will acknowledge the damages and reimburse us for the damages you have cause to our home.

Please note: Natalie has taken a day off today to accommodate your request to be onsite. As our email was sent early yesterday morning (9:21am EST), it would have been perceived as a professional courtesy to have notified us in advance of your intentions to not be onsite this morning. After all, she could have recuperated her loss of wages.


It's too bad these people feel so hard done by, they seem intent on being as miserable as they are. I wish them good luck on they marriage.

James McLeod / The Steelworks