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reviewer from Halifax
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home renovation

Gordie acts like a nice honest guy at first but be aware that he has all the intention to rip you off all your hard earn money. His wife, Lilian is the exact same kind. Don't be fooled by their lip service.

They claim to be in the business for long time. However, they would never give you quote for a project. Instead, Gordie will smooth talk you into doing time and labor instead. That is OK for some small job but for large reno, PLEASE DO NOT CONSIDER THAT OPTION. Gordie would claimed that he has many suppliers in order to get you the best price possible. So you save a couple bucks but he failed to mention that he will charge you $35 per hour to run around town to get material. He will charge a trucking fee of $50 on top of that.

As a contractor, his job should be coming by and check up on the progress. Well, that also count as "work" and therefore billed for $35 per hour.

His crew is very slow and relaxing. The job is half decent and the time the took to do that is double to triple other crew. Some of his crew members are extremely unskilled and unreliable, yet he still bill them for $35 per hour for sitting around picking their noses and scratching their asses. I know because I had to cut work short all the time to come back and keep an eye on them.

So I punched all the number and the total bill was around 100K for renovating 1 bedroom apartment. I don't have to be a genius to realize that this guy is ripping me off. That is when I fired him because I have had enough. Of course, he tried to make my life as much stressful as possible but that a personal story to put here. I should have get rid of him sooner but he will be "too busy to give you the bill". Until later he will hit you with an enormous bill. Then you have no other option than to pay or he can put a lien on your property as the work has been done.

That is my true story of this company. I don't want to see any other people get in the same situation as bad as I was. On the bright side, I have learn a lot about how to deal with this kind of bad contractors and recognize the signs in the future to avoid similar rip off

Buyer be aware of WCCL WITH GORDIE AND THE CREW!!!!!

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