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mitra in Aurora
mitra in Aurora
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Inspection by Tibor Pillar to Post
He arrived on time, but as I noticed he didn’t had ladder to check the roof. Instead he was looking by binocular while walking around the house. So, He couldn’t find the dented soffit at northeast corner over the garage. Also, I showed him a shingle that dropped few months ago from the roof. He told this is not from your roof and it is 5 to 7 year old shingle. All the houses around are built a year ago and the color of piece was completely match with roof.
He started inside from basement. But he was busy with his laptop for almost half an hours to finish a short report for outside of the house. On the basement the walls are covered by isolation. He didn’t do anything to see the concrete wall of the basement.
He checked the attic in just one minute through hatch door and took some pictures. That’s it!! He didn’t measure the isolation.
The results of inspection are not specific and in detail. The general information he sent me as inspection result are very general and in access through internet.The way he inspected you can look around and do it I promise hundred percent better than him. I checked with my neighbour’s his inspector was brilliant. Went to roof for checking shingles and find problems. Find crakes in the window and one of the doors. Isolation for attic wasn’t good enough. These houses were built by one company. I was totally dissatisfied with the home inspection. (((Visual inspection ))) I am telling you don’t waste your money by Pillar to Post.

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