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Mice control

Orkin is completely useless. The technician was not trained. He did not have a ladder, and did not have calking tools. All he did was to place a few boxes of poison in the house. When we told him that we didn't want poison in the house and that dead mice trapped behind walls might stink up the house, he told me mice would climb in the boxes and would die and dry up in them (this turned out to be complete false).

A couple of weeks later, we had this horrible smell in one area of our basement. The smell got so bad that the house was barely inhabitable. We contacted Orkins, and asked that they do something about the smell. It took a few phone calls to get the company to finally send someone. He put a very strong air fresher in the basement to cover the smell, and removed all the poison boxes.

It took three months for the smell to finally completely go away, but we continued to have mice in the house. When I called Orkin again, another technician to our house. When I asked him to check the roof to locate mouse entries, this one said he did not have a ladder to climb up. What is with these technicians not having ladders :)
He brought the same boxes filled with green colored poisons and was going to place them in my house. I asked him to leave our house.

We contacted another pest control company, which did proper proofing of the house and now, no more mice.

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