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Kodiak Snow blowing Inc

Snow Removal
5927 Hazeldean Rd ON K2L1Y9
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Kim from Kanata
Kim from Kanata
1 review Kanata, ON

snow removal

(Please note - my name is KIM ROBINSON. I am not Mrs. Greenwood. Another inappropriate assumption on behalf of the company). A rather long but very honest review of service...
We originally contracted Kodiak in 2012/2013 for snow removal services for half our driveway. We were very clear when we contracted we meant HALF OUR DRIVEWAY. They agreed. Basically we just wanted them to remove what the city street and sidewalk plows leave behind. Pretty easy.
We were pretty much without incident in 2012/13 (not entirely, but close). However, this season is different. My husband shovels the snow down to the sidewalk line so that when kodiak comes they can just remove it with the rest (we were never told we could not or should not do this... and no one contacted us to tell us it was unacceptable). They refuse to remove the snow beyond the street ridge. It is clearly within the area they are to clear, but the drivers won't do it. When I confronted one of the drivers about it, she told me that my neighbour and I have been "taking advantage of the company" and proceeded to tell me there was nothing she could do, if I don't like it call the office. This is their customer service!?
When I did call I was told my contract was only for the street "ridge" of snow left by city plows, but that yes the treatment I received from the driver was unacceptable. I told my husband this and he totaly disagreed - when we initally contracted service it was for HALF THE DRIVEWAY (which, of note, is where they put the plow markers... Hmmm...). He called them back and it was eventually admitted/confirmed by the company that this was in fact what we had contracted for... They HAD agreed to do half the drive. BUT apparently a few weeks ago, a neighbour we had recmmended Kodiak to had called to complain about their service and had claimed to speak on our behalf as well (she did not). Apparently the neighbour was rude and perhaps aggressive and the company refused her any further service. And apparently because she claimed to speak for us as well, the company decided to deny us proper service as well. Until we called Kodiak, we had no idea this had even happened at all.... But apparently Kodiak's customer service decided it was enough for them. No one contacted us from the company to discuss any issues... They just determined that my neighbour represented us as well.
I am beyond disgusted by the conduct of the company. I understand why they are not accredited by the Better Business Bureau. I am ashamed I have recommended the company to others and will take steps to share this story wth them and apologize for recommending the company in the first place.
In closing, after reading the company's arrogant and defensive responses the negative reviews on here, (and the negative feedback on Facebook and elsewhere), I am not at all surprised by the customer service we received. You are rude even when you are defending your poor service! Not good for a small business with lots of quality competition out there....
I wish I would have read these reviews before I contracted... Particularly Kodiak's responses...Would have never gone with them in the first place.
Don't waste your money (or patience) Do your research and see for yourself!
I recommend Kodiak hire a good public relations company and perhaps a competant manager if they are to remain remotely competitive.

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Company Response

Thankyou Mrs. Robinson for your review. To be honest, I am in disbelief that you have the nerve to submit it, because in reality you have been taking advantage of our service. You pay $175 + HST to have us remove the city plow ridge and the sidewalk plow ridge at the foot of your driveway only (what you call ‘half’ the driveway), but then your husband cleverly pushes the snow from the top three quarters of the driveway down to the sidewalk (which he denied in my telephone conversation with him) so that my driver ends up removing all of the snow on your driveway for half the price! Imagine how the rest of my clients would feel about paying the full price if they knew that you were getting all of the snow cleared away on your driveway for only half? What’s the difference between what you are doing and having your neighbor push all their snow onto your driveway for us to clear? Everyone wants something for nothing and where there is a loophole, there is a way! There were no issues in 2012-13 with our service because my driver at that time did not report to me what was going on. This year the new driver did and you got caught. Nonetheless, we continued to provide service throughout the ENTIRE season for both yourself and your neighbor. (We did not cease providing service or ‘deny you proper service’ as you claim.) Going ahead, we will not. It is not fair to the other clients that pay full fare and it is not respectful of Kodiak. I’m sure you will find another company you can do this with however, that will be happy to provide you with service for at least another season before they discover what is going on too.