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squashembugz in Bradford
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Laundry Room Renovation

We hired Ray from Morton Carpentry to redo our laundry room which included installing a pocket door, removing a closet and installing a new laundry vanity sink. When we first met Ray he was very friendly and easy going enough so that we felt confident using him.

On the very first day of the job he was a totally different person. He asked for a down payment which my wife and I agreed to. He showed up first thing in the morning and demanded his down payment. I informed him I had to wait for my bank to open as they were unable to process the funds over the weekend. I told him it would take me only and hour to get the funds which he turned into a huge deal, raising his voice and being very unprofessional. This was the first red flag. An hour later when the bank opened we gave him his down payment and project proceeded forward.

We paid Ray to provide us custom cabinets for our Laundry room and my wife showed Ray which type of style she wanted (pointing to our existing cabinets as an example). Ray made a few suggestions of his own and started building the cabinets. During this process my wife asked Ray to confirm the style of doors she wanted. Ray said "FLAT WOOD DOORS" to which my wife thought he was joking. He was not! He raised his voice became very confrontational with her and said "you wanted lower cost doors, so I made them flat". My wife wanted cabinets that were not high end, but had some style to the doors like she showed Ray when we met (not flat wood doors). Ray was visibly angered by this and confrontational, my wife felt intimidated and very unconformable around him. I had to step in and diffuses the situation and look for alternate solutions. However I feel it should have been Ray doing this instead of me, after all - we hired him, not the other way around.

During the whole project we dealt with Keegan and the painter both of whom where fantastic! These guys were GREAT. Those two guys are super polite, very respectful, excellent around our children and were a pleasure to work with. Had it not been for these guys at our house every day doing the day-to-day work we would have not continued the project to completion with Ray.

At the end of the day, what we wanted done was done, the cabinets Ray made do the job for our laundry room. Had it not been for all the negative interactions with Ray we would have rated this job 10 stars, but the way Ray spoke to wife and myself was very unnecessary and unprofessional. We found Ray was forgetful many times as well to the things we discussed. Maybe he was busy thinking of other things but so many times he’d say “oh yea forgot about that” - didn't leave us feeling like he had much attention to detail on our job.

Every project has issues, its about how you deal with the problems, how you speak to people and work thru the issues, getting hostile, and yelling at your customers is never a good idea. At the end of our project you came to get your money. When my wife answered the door you BARGED right into our house right past her, she did not invite you in and you made her feel very unconformable. I reviewed our security camera footage and I can see exactly why she felt that way. Whats more is you didn’t even say thank-you when we paid you in full (including the extras) - all you said was how upset you were your truck got dirty after the car wash coming to get your money. I waited a week before posting this review to see if you'd even thank us for the job and payment but nothing from you at all.

Ray I hope you take this feedback as constructive and not try to attack us again in your response here, you completed the work we asked but your attitude was terrible and it really soured the deal with us. I wish you better luck on future jobs going forward, but this is our 100% honest review of our interaction with you, we give you 5 starts because you did completed the job.

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