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Front walkway

We had a walkway put in in front of our house. The group was 2 months late in starting the project, charged us for things we then could not use (the time of the year meant that any sod that was put in to fix the damage they did was not going to grow), and managed to damage both the irrigation system and the internet - meaning that we could not properly work from home for two days until it was fixed. They did the job, but the delay, combined with the damage that was done means that I would not recommend this group.

The damaged irrigation system - fine, but it would have been nice to know that the system would need to be ripped out when signing the contract (the person that talked to us before was no longer at the company.... Which may be saying something?).

However, the internet - we told them exactly where the lines were, and the lines were completely new - we had them put in only a month beforehand. There was no way they were "nicked beforehand, and jostled by them" (their words for what likely happened, and why it's not their fault).

By their words, it was a simple job. However, only two hours in I was disappointed. Also, they texted at 7am to say they would be there at 7:45 to do the job... No warning that they were starting that day. What if we had been away? What if I had been asleep?

The next day I also realized that they dug up a bunch of plants and did not place them back - they left them with the roots exposed hidden in the other plants.

Finally, after the work was done, we realized they cut corners and didn't actually finish things so it wouldn't move. They didn't add edging to the pavers, and so not only is the sand already disappearing from between pavers, but we now need to go back and add in the edging ourselves before winter to avoid the entire thing from falling apart. I do not recommend this company at all.

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