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Arlene  from Calgary
Arlene from Calgary
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I was also VERY HAPPY AT FIRST. Then my cabinets started blistering, peeling and cracking. It took OVER TWO YEARS TO HAVE WARRANTY WORK DONE and then they installed DAMAGED PRODUCT. I asked when they would fix that - they ignored me so I went to BBB - another 9 months. The complaint will be published there. I did get a 500$ refund of the installation fee as long as I agreed to lose the warranty on the new product. I still have doors that aren't installed and drawer pulls that aren't level. I decided to accept the refund and get the doors installed. The drawer pulls can't be fixed because they are so badly off level the front would have to be replaced. As far as giving up any product or workmanship warranty - well, don't want to go through another 3 years of this.
Here's more details but I think you get the drift.
I thought the 5000+$ we paid for install, included warranty. As I recall, I was told I wouldn't have a warranty unless they installed. In the BBB process, I've been told that I didn't purchase warranty. But what I had been told at first and our contract that states “the seller warrants the product” led me to believe I did have a warranty with Muskoka. When we first asked them to replace doors, the supplier was still in business. They weren't in business 7 months later when Muskoka finally came out. Then another year and a half of asking them to come passed. They told us the supplier had gone out of business and we had no warranty - they wanted us to pay an addition 2500$. They did offer to have the fronts painted but the painter wouldn't guarantee his work at all, because it wasn't likely to work. It baffles me that MUSKOKA thought this was a reasonable offer. We agreed to pay an additional $1365 to replace the doors and drawer fronts. I didn’t want to be stuck with a shoddy product if their customer service meant they were going out of business.
New doors: 11 are damaged. I paid because they said this was a warranty item. I asked them to let me know when they would replace them. NO RESPONSE. Half the drawers have pulls that are not level. I had mentioned that when I noticed the first one - NO RESPONSE.
The installer who came out to replace the last 2 doors (they had been measured wrong the first time) said he would tell Tim about the damage. I think he really believed his employer would act with integrity. I didn't get a reply until the BBB claim went through. Muskoka claims they did everything to resolve this and they did nothing wrong. I guess everyone has different standards.

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