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Helen in Calgary
Helen in Calgary
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Just wanted to share our experienced with Pacesetters Sterling homes. We purchased and moved in to our new home on November 2018 at Cornerstone area. After the warranty expired or a year & five months; our chimney hood fan motor suddenly stopped working. We spent almost $900 for the motor & installation service. The guy who installed saying that the motor normally or should be lasts for at least 5 years. Did they install an old one before? Who knows?
The other unresolved issue is about a load of loam for our back yard. They supposedly finish this last year but until now still questionable. One of their worker mentioned last year that they can’t filled it up because of the low window
well. They are willing to send a load of loam & materials to use but for us to spread but why? It wasn’t our fault, it’s their unfinished business plus we are busy working too. We need to rest instead of spreading the loam. This is their respond week ago; “The low window well did not prevent Pacesetter from originally grading the lot to acceptable levels; we have attached an additional copy of your Certificate of Grade Compliance that was accepted by the City of Calgary. As discussed at your Pre-Occupancy Orientation and in your Purchase Agreement it is carefully explained that any settlement that may occur at any time is outside of Warranty coverage”. I agreed at the end but this is how I replied to them; “ Please send cu’z we need it...but as I have said it wasn’t filled enough from the start. If it occurs lately then I should be shamed to myself bagging you guys. Sorry but future home buyers should be warned then....
But until now NO load of loam yet....such a delay for us to go on with any project we want for our back yard before winter comes again. Good luck to all NEW home buyers & be careful whom are you dealing with.

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