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M S From Burnaby
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We hired Ted on recommendations from friends who used him and also from seeing him on TV as a subject matter expert.
Admittedly, he was more expensive than comparable inspectors we asked. However, the service and results comparably better, taking the time to explain to us how moisture is able to get inside insulation and the evidence we were seeing to support his suspicions. Even the sellers commented how thorough he was. We stayed the entire day, even going an hour over-time (3-level detached standard lot) -- we suspect other inspectors may have just started itching to leave before that point. We did appreciate him being available for follow-up questions and helping us with our responses to the seller if things got pushy. If you treat this like a one-day crash-course tutorial, then you can see the value in his services. Don't just use Ted for the report at the end -- use the time while you have him for the day: ask questions, pay attention.

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Yes that was a very interesting day, the seller being the vendor of that 15-year-old house didn't make it easy to convince him the following day that the home was suffering the same symptoms as leaky condos. The mold discovery within the stucco walls was the clincher that unfortunately he did not want to believe when told.
By the way I do not allow agents or anyone other than my clients to accompany me during an inspection- this is the buyers private business- discussions with your home inspector should be kept private until you have consolidated all of your information. When 3rd parties are within earshot they will interfere and provide anecdotal solutions (to deflect the gravity of discoveries - this interference does not help the inspector’s job of communicating deficiencies.
As much as homebuyers fall in love with their purchase they must be prepared for some disappointments when they hire someone who does a thorough inspection. Some disappointment can be negotiated, others just require a little knowledge as to cost and procedure to repair but then there are some issues that are not easily or cost-effective to resolve- that's where a photo detailed inspection report can function as a negotiating tool.
Your contract had that tricky: no get out of jail easily clause:
“at the Buyers expense, obtaining and approving a home inspection report against any defects whose cumulative cost of repair exceeds $1,000 and which reasonably may adversely affect the property’s use or value.”
Clause looks innocent enough but rest assured it can be very sticky to prove.
Unfortunately it's the buyers agents who includes this clause- I would love to know how they sell it to the buyers. Agents like this clause because it can lock you into a deal that is very hard to wiggle out of.
Your agent talked you into this clause I would say they can probably get you out of it without you lifting a finger. Whatever, don't hand over your inspection report, this is your private business and you paid for it. The vendor wants this report so they can put Band-Aids and all the deficiencies.
The thousand dollar clause is so subjective that it may cost the buyer extra specialist inspections to prove and then get contractors to provide quotes on repair/remediation. A total waste of time, a lot of time and effort and your money.
Yes this has happened to a few of my clients before when the vendor and agent want to force the deal to go through. What kind of people are these that would want to sell you something you do not want, sounds like desperation. From my experience homebuyers will stick with the deal for as long as possible- negotiating a better deal to accommodate the disappointment of new discoveries, if they don't have options then in many cases people cannot afford to buy the house or money pit and need an unfettered exit.
Up until a few years ago contracts would read something like “subject to approving a home inspection” Period! This language is up to you to request.
Stay in the drivers seat, don't let the frenzy of the deal and agents convince you that signing a contract of this $1000 nature is in your best interest- it most certainly is Not !!
PS: MS- your reduced $700 fee was a result of canceling the need for a report which would have been another full day's work
Happy trails...,