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New Air Conditioner Installation

I would say my impression from this company is mixed. I was able eventually to get what I wanted but only after a lot of hassles and only because I have some technical knowledge that helped me to argue with their "experts".

After some research in September 2011 I requested a quote from this company for the new installation of an air conditioner. As per their advertising they promised thoroughly review every house specific factors and then advise proper solution. So, I did call to ask somebody to come to do their examination. Instead I was shocked that after just a few very basic questions a person on the phone (who sounded as being in a hurry) just gave me a price verbally and that was it. I was not happy, communicated about this to administration of Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning and, surprisingly and this is plus to them - they reacted, admitted that it was not done right, promised that this is not their normal practice and sent me a specialist. So, he came, left a written quote, but because of the first impression was not good I decided do not order from them.

However, in Feb 2012 I asked a company (without a name) in Costco, under Costco umbrella, to come to give me a quote. Guess what - somebody came from Home Experts. Well... As since they came from Costco, Costco provided warranty, and there was a very good discount from Costco I decided - Ok, everybody does mistakes but as long as they are acting under contract with so reputable company as Costco, they admitted their previous fault, I will hire them. So I did.

Installation was done in March, and due to season it had to be done in two stages - installation comes first than later they should come and fill the system with cooling agent.

Phase 1.
Cons. Installation was done on time, outside unit was installed on a standard concrete plate (about 2") but the plate they did put right on the ground, without gravel pad. It was not stable, was swinging if I touch the unit. So, I requested from them to do what they promised (and they promised they will put good gravel base under the unit). They did not like it but I said I will not sign the work order. At this time a sales person came who seems like was also managing their work. Here is again positive part - he without any questions agreed that it was not right installation, told to workers to put gravel pad and so they did. So, eventually, with arguing but the installation was completed.

They promised that when warm weather comes they will call me, I should not even call them, and their team will come to fill system with coolant.

They never called me.
Warm weather was already in April, but I gave them time until end of May, I think, and then I did call . Service Experts. They promised to send somebody. A person came, did his work, reported to me, and I asked to check system before he leaves. System was not working. He was at our house at least an hour after installation, re-checked pressure, did not find anything wrong, and was trying to tell me stories that this is Ok for the first time, and was trying to escape. To give you some numbers - after 1 hour at least with initial temperature inside the house +26, temperature dropped to +25 and did not want to go down anymore. So, after an hour he eventually agreed that something not right, tried to get signature from me for his work order but did not get one, promised that he will report it immediately to the company and they will call me to decide what to do with the unit. Then he escaped rapidly.

Of course - no calls from the company. I did call several times, eventually found out that my order closed as "everything is Ok, installed".

I have equipment and some knowledge and measured intake and outbound air stream (for air conditioning system there should be specific difference in temperature that shows that air is being cooled). The difference was from from 1 to max 1.5C - it means system did not work at all.

Well, after number of calls and re-calls they sent me another specialist. Now again positive part comes. It was real specialist. He did not talk much in the beginning but just took measurement, then he agreed on the spot that nothing is working, found the issue (not enough pressure in the system), added coolant, and was done in 30 minutes from time he came until he left our house including testing stage. He left a business card and I will for sure write positive review for him (seems like he was subcontractor) when I find it.

I was able to get from Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning what I wanted but with a lot of hassles and only because I has some technical knowledge and was able to argue with reasoning.

I would never again order anything from this company, ever.

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What could this company do to improve their services?
1. Better manage their subcontractors 2. Be reliable in what is promised
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