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Water Filtration & Purification
9803 47 Avenue NW Edmonton AB T6E 5M7
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Cam  in Sturgeon County
Cam in Sturgeon County
1 review , AB

Water Well

Big Iron drilled our well on our acreage - they were initially very nice, charming and informative people when they came to sell their product to us, however they have totally changed after the fact! We have been trying to get them to come back out and service / warranty the well for the past two years now! They have sent me emails where they blow me off and make excuses due to lack of Rigs, or the weather conditions are too wet etc. But once summer came and it was dry enough to come re-enter our well, they simply refuse to answer me now. The well had two sand screens installed to help prevent particulates - but in two years the water pressure has dropped significantly and is about a third of what it was initially. When asked to come trouble shoot, they sent an elderly "tech out with some basic tools and he did some simple troubleshooting tests and basically confirmed that the pressure was way down......something we already knew??!! When asked what was required to fix the problem, he shrugged and said he'd have someone call me.....basically zero help, zero ideas. I was told they would have to re-enter the well and that it was still covered by warranty, they would pull the screens and re-work the well the ensure that sand hadn't collapsed the formation.....that unfortunately has not happened and they seem disinclined to want to honor their warranty or their work. We read a number of poor reviews prior to using Big Iron, but as I said they were very convincing and very likable. We waited patiently and hoped they would honor their work and gave them the benefit of the doubt - but it seems clear now they are nothing but used car salesmen.....actually used car salesmen might be better. These guys are unethical and unprofessional....period! If you provide a product or service you need to stand behind it, you're only as good as your word after all. Its a shame, because now I have to consider legal action and will need to fight to get any satisfaction. Do not use this company if you're looking for reliability and after-sales service.

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