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N Thompson
N Thompson
7 reviews Whitchurch Stouffville, ON

Poor quality and no accountability

Simon and Sons Windows and Doors supplied and installed new glass for ½ of the windows in my house; the random ones around the house whose double-paned seals had “popped’ over time. After installation, the very first time I had my house windows professionally cleaned, the new panes became badly scratched, even though all the original windowpanes that were cleaned at the same time remained unscratched. I used the same reputable local glass cleaning company I have had for approximately ten years, using the same cleaning technique they always use with consistently excellent results. The second year when all the windowpanes were professionally cleaned, the scratches on the new panes multiplied, while the status of the older panes remained unchanged. The new windows are so badly scratched that they require replacement. Clearly, in my opinion, there is something substandard about the quality of the glass supplied and sold by Simon and Sons. Despite numerous attempts, and irrefutable evidence documented by photos, Simon and Sons refused to take any responsibility whatsoever for the quality of the product they installed.
An onsite visit was scheduled to rule out the possibility that the UV coating was mistakenly applied to the outside of the glass, which they determined was not the case. After viewing the damage, and being unable to provide a feasible explanation, they claimed that the window cleaner may have changed up his technique as he moved from window to window, resulting in some windows being scratched and others not. The suggestion that my window cleaner washed some of my windows differently than the others, and that those windows just happened to be all of the new ones and none of the original ones, two years in a row, defies respect. It should be noted that my window cleaner is a professional in the industry, and does not scratch windows. He has used the exact same quality tools and technique consistently for many years and the company is well known and widely trusted in the GTA. I believe it is obvious there is something wrong with the glass.
Given my first hand experience, I am sorry to say it is my opinion that Peter and Derrick have demonstrated zero integrity. The window cleaning company has never disputed that the glass became damaged during the course of their cleaning, but are at a loss to know what is wrong with this particular glass. They clean multiple homes and businesses every day, the same way every time, and have been in business for years. In good faith, they have always been willing to shoulder some of the responsibility of replacing the glass. Simon and Sons, the purveyor of the glass, will not step up to the plate in any capacity and has only hidden from all accountability.
Buyer beware.

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