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This company was referred to me by a good friend of mine as I had the last project (a simple herringbone marble backsplash) to finish after completing a 350K renovation.

As a owner of a small business myself, my clients are everything. I was so applaued by the handling of the entire situation that as a person that can relate to both sides (given I never post anything) I felt I HAD to post this!

As a very busy person running 4 retail location, I work 7 days a week. My friend referred them to me as they had done good work in his house. I decided to give them a try as they were locate and considered "headache" free.

It started out great, Christy book the appointment with me, I told for what I wanted, she brought the sample, I picked the classic white herringbone marble and she was off to do the quote.
Quote came back within a day, I did not negioate the price and she advised they need a 50% deposit to book. I gave her my credit card without any hesitation. This was the end of July and she suggested the items were in stock and they were booking for end of August at this point. Someone was suppose to call me.

No one ever called. I called them and was passed to Jeff, I explained that I never received a call to book and it was passed the time that it was suppose to be done. No problem, He booked me in for the following week which was Sept 8.

September 7th, coming around and I received a call fron Jeff stating they weren't able to come the following day as they were still stuck on the last job as their current customer keep changing their minds and has delayed that project. That not really my fault! I was the easy client and now more delays. That's was also fine, what could we do but reschedule as he suggested - We did for Sept 15.

September 15th came, the installer team show up, very nice and quiet guys, they did their best not to interrupt our regular life and kept our house clean. As I have stated before, I live a very busy lifestyle and had lots to do, I felt comfortable leaving the guys by themselves at our house. So I was on my merry way.

I decided to go back to the house to ensure the guys were ok. As I arrived I noticed the tile was installed incorrectly. I would have thought a company that does this would know how to install herringbone. They installed it in the side. OMG!

I never said anything to the install as the work quality was actually great! tile looked gorgeous but it was the wrong way. So I calmly called Christy and as soon as I mentioned that it wasn't install correctly. She immediately guess how they did it and she knew it was wrong. She told me she would call me back.

I got a call back from Jeff giving my total lip service. I undertand things happen but the tone and the handling was applauling. He was trying to tell that the last customer installed like that and that's why they did it like that which was the crazy answer I ever heard. He then went on telling me they should have had a drawing which also is not my problem. They told me they were already ripping it off and he would have to reorder (when they originally had the stuff in stock) and didn't know when they would be able to come back. After being delay that long, pushed back, and now installed incorrectly, I was basically getting penalized again by them when it was their fault. There was things that I questioned he said cause he was going back and forth ( ie: Jeff said they are currently ripping the tile off and then he asked me if I wanted him to tell them to stop, I said how could we stop them now as he suggested they had already started taking it down, he suggested them they might have only taken off 3 - 4 ft, but they really only did 6 ft that day, so how would they have saved it, if it was already 70% taken down) What the heck ... They were many trival comments made like this - that are a waste of my time to mention. This conversation ended nowhere.

I called back to speak with Christy to see if she could shed some light. She informed me Rick was on his way to see if they could re-salvage anything.

Rick called me fron the house and started the conversation with " I googled herringbone and sometimes its installed on its side!" REALLY!!!!!!! THis conversation went south fast, I told him I have never seen that and pretty much everyone know how herringbone looks - and it didn't look like that! He didn't like that I was suggesting that herringbone is never installed like that and he should look on HOUZZ!! never installed like that! He then went on to tell me that they were being penalized as they would have to start all over again and their product was ruined - AGAIN NOT MY FAULT. He must have been frustrated - I mentioned I just felt a little uncomfortable with the situation as we were basically going to get delayed again with NO DAY GIVEN! He went straight to " I'm more then happy to given you your money back" REALLY! that's you're best solution! RUDE, you're suppose to provide a solution and calm the customer fears! All I needed would have been "I apology the mistake was made, I will try and fix this asap." But the tone was despicable!

It the end of the day, I'm the paying customer, after getting pushed sooo much, having been talk to like it was my fault. I was spent! They never called me back that day, my husband called to find our what was going on. Jeff suggested he was in the middle of doing my refund. Yet he asked my husband for my credit card number - ANOTHER FIB! you weren't in the middle of it - your don't even have my credit card number!

The whole thing was super twisted, some other thing were said but that was the jist of it.

Save yourself from people who don't deserve your hard earned money and will treat you like you're crazy and not worthy. There is a million and one other places to get this work done! Remember that!

Putting myself in "Owners" shoe, I have dealt with much more demanding customers and can't believe it ended like that.


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