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Julie (ZK)
Julie (ZK)
1 review Toronto, ON

Unprofessional installation / Lack of proper customer service

I visited A&A Floors store in April-May 2020 and selected the laminate. There was one Sales Agent who was helping us out. I asked from him if they do installation and he said yes: "we have professional installers". After very quick calculations Sales Agent provided a quote for my 1bedroom+den. It was not cheap, but I had to make a decision fast, as I was planning to move in in a very short amount of time.
So, I ordered their installation service (after asking several times about professionalism of their crews) and bought the material. Sales Agent told me that to book installers I HAVE TO PAY FULL AMOUNT right away. Otherwise, they will not come. I was in a rush and I had to agree. I would regret this in the end. Would never do that again. DO NOT PAY FULL AMOUNT. As I know, the company had NO right to request a FULL amount before providing their services.
Before the day of installation I made sure that Sales Agent has all information in regards to my apartment's size and where flooring and trimming is needed. I even sent a FLOOR PLAN. I asked how much time would be needed to complete installation for my apartment. Sales Agent confirmed confidently - "they will finish by 4pm the same day".
So, we booked the day for installation for my 1bed+den. The installation crew came on time. That was the only positive thing. They did not appear to me as being a professional installers. These are the reasons of why I would think that way:
1) They did not wear any PPE (e.g. face masks), though I SPECIFICALLY ASKED Sales Agent about it several times, as my condo man-t was pretty strict about it that time. So, I had to give my new face masks to them. Great.
2) Installers were VERY INACCURATE. They have touched the walls with dirty hands leaving dark marks. How is this professional service? No. It is not.
3) By 2.30 pm installers told me that there is not enough material to complete installation!! Sales Agent made wrong calculations, so now I have to figure out how to complete my installation the next day (so I have to re-arrange my schedule). When I called Sales Agent, I expected a better customer service. After having several calls with Sales Agent, I left frustrated. So, now I had to book another time for the next day and also pay for additional work. WHY? I have already paid for the whole apartment. If Sales Agent made wrong calculations (with all information I have provided to him earlier), well that is not my problem. So, again, A&A Floors demanded me to pay for the labour. Did I have any choice at that point? No. I had to pay.
So, installers left and came back the next day, when A&A Floors received my money.
4) "Professional Installers" have NOT COMPLETED THE WORK that I paid for (see photo). They have not completed the trims behind the fridge. For sure this was done on purpose, because the side where trim is visible was done. So, when I came back to apartment to check the fridge was already inside its closet. So, I could not see what is happening behind it. Apparently, "professional" installers thought that's is how they should complete their work. Amazing.
When I called Sales Agent and asked to send someone to complete the work, he said he can't send anyone. He said that the "professional crew" who worked on it will be informed and they will come. I said that I do not need their services anymore and asked to send someone else. Did not happen, because Sales Agent does not care. So, eventually, they refunded me around 8 CAD (eight).
5) The "professional" crew have taken my new kitchen towel without any prior permission. Just took it from my counter top without even attempting to ask if they can do that. I understand it’s only a towel, BUT, it is my item and they had to ask me before using anything and also taking it WITH THEM.

Based on this "wonderful" experience, I do not recommend A&A floors and more. They do not care about customer. They do not care. Do not trust them when they say their crews are professional. NO. That is not what I have experienced.

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