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Rob from Oshawa
Rob from Oshawa
2 reviews Oshawa, ON


This company has the worst service you can imagine.
I had made an appointment with with them to fix a leaky pedestal sink. They were to arrive between12-2. At 3 I phoned there office and was told that there plumber will be there shortly,she was just finishing up another job.
She arrived at 5 and fixed the sink and told me that the parts I had installed were cheap and her parts were much better and higher quality. After she left I noticed that the parts she had installed for the pop-up stopper wouldn't lift high enough to let the sink drain and when the stopper was down the water wouldn't stay in the sink. I called the plumber directly the next day and she told me she would be there shortly,but 2 hours later she had not arrived and had not even phoned to say she would be delayed. So I tried to call her to see what was going on. Now she wasn't even answering her phone.I tried calling her several times and no answer,so I left a message cancelling the so called appointment.Because I didn't want to waste another day endlessly waiting for her to show up. To fix the sink I had to disconnect the pop-up stopper and buy a old style sink plug.
The next day I called Deanna there Manager and told her about the endless waiting I had. She said that she would have to talk to the plumber and get back to me as soon as she had.
Well I am still waiting for her call, that was over 2 weeks ago now.
As it turned out Deanna, is as reliable as her plumber!
A note to Steven (the owner)
Your company has the worst service of any company I have ever used for any repair ever.
This company is a total waist your time and money. $75 an hour I don't think so.

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