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Michael in Vancouver
Michael in Vancouver
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Overcharged on parts

Since my previous review, Milani reached out to me and apologised. We had a pleasant chat, they asked about my experience, and they agreed that the service, and explanations of the costs, should have been better. I accepted the apology, and since my complaint was never about the work performed, but about the way I felt 'handled' when I complained about the cost, I've updated this review and have changed my rating from 2 to a 3 star.

I also received a credit on my file for any future work should I decide to call them again, which I will. I appreciate good customer service,.. even if it comes after the fact.

Original review:
The pressure balance on my shower broke so I only had ice cold or scolding hot water, nothing in between. No big deal, it's a Kohler part and easy enough to find on Amazon for $95. I ordered the part, bit decided to have a professional do the install so I called Milani.
Service was quick enough, I told them the exact part they needed since I did not want to come out, don't have the parts and then charge me for a second call. Cost $189 for the first hour, $60 per half an hour if longer, I was told.
The plumber, Valter showed up, nice guy, quickly got the job done, and then gave me the bill, nearly $450! $220 for their part!
I phoned up Milani, the first lady could not/would not help, and put me through to a Nicole,.. who was just as unhelpful. I was told the $220 is what they have to pay their supplier. Total nonsense of course, no company the size of Milani is going to pay a wholesale price that is more than double the retail price.
They were totally inflexible. Not even a token 10% ($20!) discount. Everybody is dealing with the COVID-19 disaster and helping each other out, Milani chooses to make as much as it can.

Last time I'll ever use Milani. We've been using Milani for our air conditioning at work (fixed price contracts), that will stop now as well. Luckily there are plenty of other air conditioning / plumber companies in Vancouver that know the value of good customer service.

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