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Diana in Mississauga
Diana in Mississauga
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Remove clay (fill)

I called to have clay that I dug from my garden (this past summer)which I had left on my driveway in a mound. Derek arrived promptly to estimate the job. He advised $150 to pick up the clay and haul to the dump.

I approved.

Derek and his crew arrived on time as promised. I was busy inside my home and did not watch or supervise him. Derek rang the bell to advise the job was completed. I went outside to pay him only to see approximately 3/4 of wheelbarrow full of dirt still remaining on the driveway (edging into the grass) and the workmen spreading other clumps of clay back on my garden. One workman sat on my lawn picking the clay out of his boots - (he left that blob of clay where he sat)

I asked Derek to complete the job and remove the dirt and also - why was he spreading clay back on the garden. He ignored the latter question but stated that the grass had grown over the dirt (?)and it could not be removed. I said that was ridiculous and said it would take me two minutes to rake the dirt from the edge of the grass. I opened the garage door to grab my rake and as I did so, it was clear his crew was packing up and leaving. He said pick up the dirt myself and spread this remaining dirt on the garden - I told him that was the point of having him come (I didn't want the clay fill) and that I expected him to complete the job as promised.

He became very argumentative, yelling at me. I told him not to take this tone with me, I was not deaf, and that he had no right to speak to me that way and finally, that I expected the job to be completed as promised and asking him to remove all the clay was not unreasonable. His tone and demeanour did not change - in fact it got worse. I told him to get off my property.

I would not recommend this company to anyone.

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Company Response

First of all we are not in the dirt removal business, we did it as a favour seeing as you live close by to us. The amount you are arguing over was minimal and not worth this type of response. We did not make any money over your job, it cost more to dump it plus the man hours, as I said we were just doing it to help out a neighbour. We deal with many Condo Corporations and Golf Courses and have never had any issues with the quality of work we perform.