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James Moore from Mississauga
James Moore from Mississauga
8 reviews Mississauga, ON

Sprinkler system

I bought a sprinkler system in Fall 2011 from this company. Next spring I had a lot of problems. Basically told me that they had bought the company from the previous owner Dietrich and that they were not responsible for his work. This is crap as when you buy a corporation you inherit any liabilities and guarantees. The lines are buried too shallow and hence constantly get cut. The area coverage was poor and many of my hedges died. I had them out to fix the hedge problem. They put in a soaker line and I paid for that. It did not work so I paid again to have new heads put on that will spray my hedges more. Just discovered another dying hedge this morning. Called them up and left a message. No response. No doubt when they do get around to calling me they will want yet more money. They are always very nice but I think they should tweak the system as needed for the first couple of years without taking you to the cleaners each time.

Basically they installed a system that was too shallow and did not cover the areas properly. They continue to demand money to fix every problem. My advice is that if you are buying this type of system watch them every minute when they are installing it. Make sure they bury the lines deep. Make sure the system covers every area, do not trust anyone to do this for you.

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