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I usually do not reviews online unless I believe it is necessary. I am writing this today to warn those who are about to do business with Cadillac Shutters. This was my first time to get a company using a word of mouth from somebody. I did not spend much time reading reviews or doing my homework and this was my mistake. So here is how it goes.
Usually, they respect you until you pay the deposit. Once you do that, you are owned. They will simply dictate their terms including how long it takes and can change whatever they want. For me, it took them a month to do 4 windows in my house. When I called to see whether they can speed it up, I was answered with this statement “You already signed sir; there is fine print you should have read”. So I suspected the whole idea and went to Costco and found that I could have saved at least $600 out of the $4500 I paid for Cadillac Shutters. Also, Costco ones come with a much better warranty and rust proof hinges.

Anyway, I already gave them $1000 and I said ok let us see what will happen. They came and installed everything and when I came back from work I found that a room with 2 windows are opening the shutters on top of each other, which mean I can only use one window at a time. They should have made it open against the wall instead. So I called them and they said we will send some body. A week after they sent somebody and he was the same person installed them and he was ANGRY. He kept saying this is how it should be installed and they make me pay for this trip. They treat us so bad and so forth. So to make him happy I gave him $20 and I said for the gas. He spent less than 10 minutes fixing it any way.
A month later, came along the big problem when I found that the bottom part of 2 shutters is severely damaged and the paint went off and can be so easily pealed. I called them and they said ok, bring them over and we will fix them. I told them how can take them off; they said it is your problem.
So I called again and this time I talked to that lady, which is the co-owner, she said that this is water damage we will fix it this time but no more in the future. I do not know how she realized that over the phone without seeing the actually damage. I told her how come the other windows are fine; actually the half of the same window is fine! She said I do not know, you have an issue with your house it is leaking air from outside. Having a new house, I was kind of skeptical about what she said, so I examined the matter myself and found that some of their shutters are sealed from the bottom and some are not, which explained the whole thing.
Anyway, nobody called me to pick them up as promised until I called again and now she said oh, we need $100! I told her but you said this is under warranty as I installed them less than a month ago and you said you will do them for free. She said no, we need $100 for transportation and this is not covered by warranty and she referred again to the fine-prints.
With real lack of options here, I agreed to pay $100. Somebody came and took them and I stayed without shutters or cover for the window for 2 weeks until they finally came installed them back. But surprisingly they did not replace the damaged part. They simply sanded it and painted it, which made them look SO UGLY.
So, please do your homework before contacting this company.

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