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mgokulachandra in Toronto
mgokulachandra in Toronto
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Buyer Beware

Shortly after moving into our new home, we chose Allan Rug to install carpets in our living room, family room and stair runners on our stairs. We decided to place our trust in them since they specialized in carpet and flooring. We spent thousands of dollars on these carpets and received the worst customer service in return. My carpets were delivered with what turned out to be the worst customer service I have ever received anywhere.

Our living rom carpet and stair runners were ordered in mid-September and installed shortly after. In the process of ordering and installation there were 5 people from Allan Rug involved- the salesperson, a person who came to measure our carpet, and 3 installers. Not one of these people mentioned that the floors under the living room carpet needed to be screwed down.

A few days after installation I had other tradespeople come in (painter, another flooring person) and all expressed surprise that the floors underneath had not been screwed down when the carpet had been replaced. When I contacted Allan Rug about this I was told that I should have known that the floors should be screwed down and that it would be an extra charge of several hundred dollars to pull them back and screw them down. I was told it was my responsibility to manage the installation and that it was not their fault that I did not tell them that the floors underneath were squeaky. This from a company whose bread and butter is flooring, while I, a mere consumer, should have known.

We ordered our family room carpet at the same time in mid-September and were told that it would normally take 2 weeks for the carpet to arrive, but this time, due to manufacturer delays, it would take 4 weeks instead. They took a 50% deposit for the carpet so I was stuck with them. In mid-October, I called them (no one bothered to call me) and asked where the carpet was. I was told it was somewhere in the US and they had no idea when it would come and they would call me when it did. After mid-October, each time I contacted the salesperson, Beverly Bender, multiple times and I received no response. She would not answer my emails or calls. At this point I would have stopped calling if they did not have my 50% deposit.

Finally, someone else called to coordinate the installation in early November (7 weeks after we ordered the carpet). The installers arrived 5 hours late (at 5pm rather than noon) and told me they were about to leave since I wasn’t at home. (I had gone out to pick up my kids from school). They started work at 5pm and stayed until 9pm.

During the installation, they did not put dropcloths on the stairs or anywhere in our house. After they finished installation of the carpet in the family room I discovered that they had left large oily footprints on 3 of the new stair runners. When I called them to ask them to fix this they told me they wanted $300 more to fix this issue. They claimed that they had nothing to do with the issue.

I will not be calling them again. I would rather pay someone else to fix this issue and hope never to deal with them in the future. The only thing they were very prompt with was charging my credit card for the installation (immediately each time).

Based on my terrible experience with them, I suggest that consumers go elsewhere for their carpet and flooring needs.

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