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The solution to repairing seamless gutters changes depending on the size of the hole - if the hole is smaller than a nail hole, some roofing cement or silicone caulk will do the trick. If it is larger than a nail hole, you will need a piece of flashing to fix it.

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Published: 11/15/2020
Great service- CTHRU cleans my eaves of heavy leaf-fall every year, and last year Jacob made my soffits look like new! They also did the windows at my Dad's house for me, inside and out! Professional service, good people....
Published: 11/21/2020
Jessie rescheduled our project because of weather. He came out on Saturday to complete it instead of during the week. We really appreciated his promptness of rescheduling and ability to do a job we were not able to complete ourselves....
Published: 11/10/2020
I would definitely recommend Jessie's for making the process very easy from start to finish. I went to work and came home to sparkling windows