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For a louver that has popped out of place, you can slide the louver back in place if the louver pin is still there. If the louver pin is missing or part of the louver is completely broken, it's time to call in a home service pro.

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Published: 11/04/2022
Danny came to price out my project. He was a bit more than the other guys but his product and service was way worth the different. His company is a local business also so that right there makes a big...
Published: 12/06/2022
Excellent product and service. The installer measured all windows pre-order and did a great install. Best of all, the total cost was almost half that of the big brand names.
Published: 11/28/2022
Window Blinds Direct is definitely flying under everyone's radar but hopefully won't be a well kept secret much longer. After looking around and reaching out to four companies, only Window Blinds Direct followed up. Right from the first conversation with Michael,...