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A soil engineer can help evaluate whether the soil and earth are suitable for the structure to be built in the construction site - they can help analyse and provide reports on the amount of weight the ground can hold and the types of foundation that are suitable for the construction site.

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Published: 06/13/2020
I was very happy with the work done with John and his team at Vertex Design. They were very professional, organized and tidy. They were also timely considering we are in the middle of a pandemic. Love the piece.
Published: 04/11/2020
In my search for Custom House Builders, I was able to find several companies but Elviano has turned out to be by far the best out of all of them, I had the pleasure to coordinate with their amazing team...
Published: 04/08/2020
I'm writing this review after 2 years of working side by side with Elviano’s team, on many large scale projects. I can't say enough good words about them, I've had the chance to see Elviano’s team managing a wide range...