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The cost of raising a house can vary according to size, status of the house and condition of the foundation. Whether you're raising your home to prevent flooding or adding an extra story, hire a home service pro to get the job done.

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Published: 08/26/2022
Working on behalf of an older client, I really wanted to make sure that I made the best possible choice for waterproofing the basement. The guys were knowledgeable, understood our concerns about minimizing dust and mould in the air...
Published: 08/19/2022
Thanks so much guys, I highly recommend you all! The house basement had a regular leak, and strangely, only two local companies returned my calls. The waterproofing work was planned on the outside of one wall. I really liked the sense from one...
Published: 08/12/2022
Great people, excellent service. Good experience to work with Kevin and his team. The photos attached are mid-progress. This was done on a new build, for a client. Highly recommending this company to any new building contractors and home owners in the Colborne...