Asphalt Shingle Roofing - Install or Replace in Otonabee, ON

Asphalt shingle roofs have become a popular choice among homeowners because they are easy to install and are relatively affordable. However, asphalt shingle roofs may not be suited for extremely high temperature, as this can cause the roof to crack open.

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Published: 11/26/2020
Tyler was very professional in his delivery and very knowledgeable about the product. He took his time explaining everything. The installers were very friendly and courteous.The compete job turned out great and we were very pleased with the outcome.The installers...
Published: 12/24/2020
We were in need of a new roof and wanted to go with metal as it lasts way longer. We ended up getting quotes from 5 different companies and in the process we found out that there are different types...
Published: 12/18/2020
Roof is fantastic. So happy to have it. Thanks so much no more worries for roof.