Lawn and Garden Sprinkler System - Repair in Markham, ON

Before making any repairs, don't forget to turn off the system first. If the water pressure is unusually low, your pipes may be crushed by tree roots growing around the pipe. Broken sprinkler heads may be easy to detect, but you may have to dig along the water line to detect crushed pipes.

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Published: 05/27/2021
This is my third season with Lawn Savers. My lawn was in terrible shape before, now it is looking so much better. Their tips on watering and mowing height have also helped. It is getting thicker and greener every...
Published: 05/31/2021
I was charged >50% more than quoted for a horrible job (see picture), and now being forced to take this to the Small Claims Court. When trying to address the issue with the Support staff, the response I received was along...
Published: 05/06/2021
They did a great job. Also a great team came to my house. Very nice, efficient and very competent. I would definitely recommend this company to my friends and family. Very reasonable as well.