Weatherstripping - Install or Replace in Elmvale, ON

Weatherstripping is the sealing process of windows and doors - it prevents air from leaking and can help save costs on energy bills at home. There are different weatherstripping materials suited for homeowners' needs and weather conditions.

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Published: 09/23/2020
Vitaly came in with a great price. The crew was quick and efficient and cleaned up after. I got all my windows done and sliding door.
Published: 09/25/2020
Edmonton branch, Rude front end staff, no returned calls after install and an outstanding issue. Have been waiting almost 8 weeks for replacement glass after multiple factory errors, was told 3 weeks have called 2 times and was hung up...
Published: 09/22/2020
The windows have bad soundproof quality and are even worse than the old style windows. In addition, some water drops present on the window surface after shower in winter. Crackers are also found between the windows and original frame.