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Check the fuel and oil levels when your portable generator is acting up - it won't start if these levels are too low. Please note that fuel quality is also important, as it can degrade after a while in storage. If the fuel has clogged up the engine, hire a home service pro to get it fixed.

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Published: 04/01/2021
Good work- but expensive - $700 for less than 1 hr on-site work and maybe $50 worth of material
Published: 05/03/2021
Had Steven come to repair an outlet in my house. He was very knowledgable, considerate and experienced. He completed the job successfully. Will be using A C Electrical again. Thank you!
Published: 04/30/2021
Steven was a pleasure to have come through my home. Very nice and taught me a few things as well. I had a circuit breaker repeatedly tripping in my living room - I thought I nicked a wire mounting a...