Sprinkler System for Lawn and Garden - Winterize or Activate in East York, ON

To prevent winter freeze-up, sprinkler systems need to have all the water blown out before the cold season arrives, as frozen water could lead to cracked pipes and broken valves. Hire a home service pro to help winterize your sprinkler system at home.

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Published: 04/15/2021
Friendly staffs. Great communication after each services to update the homeowner on the health conditions of the lawn, and with suggestion of what actions to be taken to upkeep the lawn properly.
Published: 04/06/2021
From start to finish their team does an amazing job. Every summer people always compliment how well my grass is kept. Thank you again so much for always doing a great job!
Published: 03/17/2021
Your lawn will not look fantastic until at least year 2, but after that your lawn should be healthy enough to resist weeds. My entire neighbourhood is a sea of yellow dandelions all summer, but my lawn remains a cool...