Septic System - Install or Replace in Drive, ON

A septic system has an average lifespan of 20-30 years, but it may change depending on the material. Concrete tanks are the most common types of tanks and are known to last at least 40 years, while plastic tanks are lightweight and durable, but are known to only last 20-30 years.

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Published: 12/01/2020
Dan and associates built a complete shower stall where there was a towel closet, replaced 2 toilets, installed a vanity; also he had replaced another shower stall in our basement for a reasonable price. Dan has done great job for us...
Published: 01/10/2021
I called Mike in a short notice, despite being busy he showed up and was super dedicated in wanting to help me out. Before doing the job he took the time to nicely explain to me all potential issues and...
Published: 12/13/2020
We have an old home with one toilet not flushing, and water backing up into the sump pump. All the other toilet and sink work fine. This was a very odd problem, which really made no sense. I tried a few things...