Sewer Main - Install, Replace or Repair in Courtice, ON

Sewer mains are very important and require proper installation - costs will vary depending on the housing type, the distance to a connector line, potential obstructions underground and pipe materials. Hire a home service pro to take care of your sewer main needs at home.

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Published: 04/20/2019
After hiring one plumbing company after another to upgrade our water system, and being let down by sloppy work ,double billing and complete lack of communication, we decided to give Doyle Plumbing a call. We were nervous about yet another disappointment...
Published: 10/17/2019
Our laundry room faucet was leaking and gurgling (best noise I can describe it as). After many failed DIY attempts like replacing the rubber O-ring and even the cartridges I decided I needed a professional. I decided to go with...
Published: 10/16/2019
My wife accidentally flushed her ring down the toilet (yes, she says it was accident). I called Miso who came the next morning between appointments and we video-scoped the plumbing hoping to find it between the house and town sewer....