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Strong scents such as peppermint and ammonia are known to naturally repel mice - even moth balls and fabric softener sheets can help to keep those pesky rodents away. However, if the situation gets out of hand, we recommend hiring a home service pro to take care of it right away.

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Published: 09/07/2022
I have OCD for cockroaches, I own a home downtown Toronto. Over the last 10 years when I see a cockroach. I call Cain Pest Control, he is patient and supportive and comes immediately. He is a professional through...
Published: 09/26/2022
Very efficiently performed created one-way exit window, which stopped further entry. After a few days, it was sealed permanently.
Published: 09/08/2022
Once again the smartest, nicest, most reliable and honest animal service technician from AAA Gates Wildlife came to our rescue. It was mice after all so no charge, but thank you!!!! I was sure it was a squirrel so thanks...