Asphalt Shingle Roofing - Repair in Carlisle, ON

If you notice any form of damage on your roof, you should get it repaired immediately, as it could lead to water leakage and rot problems. Cracked shingles can be repaired using roofing sealant - experts also recommend gathering coloured granules from the gutters to camouflage the repair.

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Published: 02/21/2020
After getting 4 offers, we chose Mr. Handyman to renovate our bathroom, which needed to be completely gutted as the dry wall behind the tiles was soaking and mouldy. It was very easy to work with Edgar and his...
Published: 06/12/2020
Yasser sent his crew to refinish my old deck that after two years I had given up on. It only took them three days and I cannot believe how gorgeous it is. I saved thousands f dollars on a new...
Published: 06/06/2020
I have a large 2 story deck that was in need of attention. I searched the web to find someone other than myself to do this huge task. Yassar and team work steady and hard to complete 2 coats of...