Tile & Grout Cleaning in Campbellville, ON

Tile and grout can get dirty and grimy over time - hire a home service pro to make them look as good as new again. To keep your grout looking good post clean up, try spraying your shower with 1:1 vinegar and water mix a few times a week.

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Published: 10/23/2020
I was referred to Duralock years ago and this is now the third home that they have totally transformed for our family. They oversaw our entire project from start to finish including a very large covered porch, outdoor kitchen, fireplace,...
Published: 12/15/2020
Dmitri provides the complete package. He has a pleasant demeanour, keen attention to detail, excellent tile laying craftsmanship and a strong commitment to protect homeowner’s property (He laid down protective construction paper in the driveway where he was cutting tiles!)....
Published: 12/06/2020
Dmitri previously installed tiles in our upstairs kitchen. He did a great job with the flooring and backsplash. We decided to renovate our basement bathroom and because we have absolute trust in Dmitri's work, we had to call...