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Trimming your trees, hedges and shrubs can help increase their longevity, as you can remove diseased parts and prevent them from spreading to a point where removal is mandatory. Please note that removing a tree stump completely can be very costly, as home service pros have to dig deep to discover the tree's entire root system.

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Published: 03/24/2020
I was happy to have Dan respond to my request to find someone to maintain my spiral cedars. The cedars at the front of our home had grown out of shape and other lawn and garden companies wouldn't commit...
Published: 05/27/2020
With the recent COVID 19 "stay at home" isolation, we have lots of neighbours going for walks and we get compliments on our lawn all the time. We always recommend Hometurf!! We have been with Hometurf for over...
Published: 05/26/2020
Worst experience I’ve ever had with a lawn-care provider. On their first visit, they burned our lawn! The worst part is, they continued to deny it and gave no direction on how to rectify the problem. I tried to get a...