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Trim and decorative moldings can increase your home's value, but if it is poorly installed, it can cheapen the space. Other than for aesthetic appeal, decorating moldings that project further than the wall can actually create an optical illusion of taller ceilings in the room.

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Published: 04/14/2021
Artem, did an excellent job doing my basement. Hes eye to detail is amazing and the qualigty work and service he provide is great. I recommend him to any one that needs anytype of renov done. Great work, happy...
Published: 04/20/2021
Ehsan and his crew were consummate professionals from start to finish. They offered a clearly communicated plan, did not deviate, were timely, polite and clean. Everything was done exactly on schedule and the city inspector actually commented on their thoroughness. We...
Published: 03/19/2021
This is my one of the best experiences with a contractor. Everything was as we agreed. He followed engineer's specs, and when there was a question, he waited for engineer's answer, not rushing anything or cutting corners. They were...