Swamp Cooler - Install or Replace in Alton, ON

A swamp cooler is an alternative air conditioning system which uses evaporative cooling techniques to lower temperatures at home - they also tend to use less electricity and add humidity to your home. To avoid the swampy smell, the cooler should be cleaned at least once a year.

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Published: 12/05/2019
Mark was polite, clean and efficient. He came in at the price he quoted me on hitting all timelines he committed to. His workmanship and honestly is second to none, even my city inspector and ESA inspector was...
Published: 01/16/2020
When we needed to get a new humidifier installed we chose to go with Demitri & HVAC Outsource. And we're very pleased with the product and service provided by Demetri that is top notch. He helped us to quickly get...
Published: 01/06/2020
Demitri has delivered a great job, quick quotation and same week installation. He has offered a competitive price. The installation was clean and efficient. One aspect to note, Demitri does every step of the process if it would be...