Flea Control in Cloverdale, BC

Fleas can become a real problem at home, as they can transmit diseases like typhus to humans through biting. Experts recommend vacuuming the house thoroughly to get rid of fleas, but for peace of mind, we recommend hiring a home service pro to get the job done.

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Published: 01/17/2021
I've used this company for critter control numerous times with great satisfaction. They know what they are doing and do a great, thorough job.
Published: 01/18/2021
I had bought a bunch of cedar fencing off a farm in maple ridge without even considering bugs. After doing some research I realized I really don’t want bugs in my place. You could see them all over the fence....
Published: 12/06/2020
Had a lingering ant issue that kept recurring and Sean took care of that with ease. From seeing hundreds daily to not one anywhere and it's been several months. Very pleased with his service and was surprised by the affordable...