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A yurt is a circular tent structure that can be used as temporary housing, a spa lodge or a meditation room. A yurt typically takes around 1-5 days to install, but this may vary depending on the size of the yurt and the construction crew.

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Published: 06/05/2021
Asked for a quote - got it - and it was within my expected $$ range. After discussing a few details (length, width, handrails, footings) I gave him the go-ahead. He did an excellent job - very sturdy. Happy to use him again,...
Published: 05/24/2021
We hired Red Seal to build a fence, two gates, a small deck and a trellis. I can't say enough terrible things about our experience. To this day I don't know why we had such a different experience from...
Published: 02/24/2020
We had our basement finished. It was unfinished from when the home was originally built in 2001. Eddy, Jim and the team did a great job! We added a bedroom, bathroom, storage room and living room. Jim did the majority...